The use of closed circuit television monitoring to prevent or detect crime and enhance public safety has become essential in areas where the security and safety of residents, staff, customers and assets of business is paramount. There is no better crime deterrent than CCTV.

ADT’s vast experience in the security industry makes us leaders in the use of best class technology and allows us to offer the highest quality of equipment and service to our clients.

The benefits of remotely monitored CCTV:
  • Cost effective compared to traditional methods such as manned guarding
  • Sites can be monitored 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, on-site or off-site
  • The ability to interact, respond and control all levels of access to a site from deliveries and staff, to customer enquiries
  • Offers effective management of remote, unmanned locations, reducing the need for costly or hazardous site visits
  • Professionally trained personnel responding to activations reduce the number of false police call outs
  • Provides visual alarm confirmation for response purposes

ADT offers a range of CCTV systems for all needs and applications, as well as professional system installation and on-going maintenance of these systems.

We guarantee that our CCTV systems are installed to the highest standards to provide maximum security in the most efficient way. We also provide a comprehensive range of additional electronic solutions to suit a wide variety of specific needs and applications, tailored to suit unique requirements.

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