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Fidelity ADT will be joining Afriforum this upcoming week to highlight the importance of crime prevention. According to Tiaan Oosthuizen, North West Coordinator for Afriforum says, “There is a clear increase in the number of robberies, hijackings and farm attacks over the past few months”. This trend is most likely to escalate unless measures are put in place to curb crime and protect the community. Oosthuizen confirms that “most of these crimes are planned in advance, and perpetrators often drive around or stop off at points across Rustenburg to act as spotters or find their next victim.”

With Fidelity ADT entering the fold, bringing in additional resources and investing in state-of-the-art monitoring systems and camera technologies for Rustenburg. Jean-Claude Viljoen, Fidelity ADT Branch Manager for Rustenburg says “Fidelity ADT’s presence in Rustenburg has made a positive impact on crime, as lower crime related incidents have been reported by our clients”.

By joining forces with Afriforum, Fidelity ADT hopes to strengthen its partnership and commitment to Rustenburg, and eradicate criminal activities from the area. “As part of our commitment to the community, Fidelity ADT will be rolling out the License Plate Recognition cameras in the near future in certain areas of Rustenburg as to curb the number of vehicle thefts in the area ” says Viljoen. Fidelity ADT is a strong advocate of community involvement and aims to work hand in hand with local Neighbourhood Watch initiatives and Community Policing Forums to clean up the streets.

A great example of the teamwork envisaged involves a joint clean-up operation of the spruit on Kremetart Avenue on the 4th and 5th of August. “We always look at ways to assist local communities and clean-ups have reduced criminals and their related activity by removing unwanted elements such as drug dealers, vagrants. In addition to this Fidelity ADT will be sponsoring Reaction Officers and Vehicles on the day of the clean up as to create a sense of safety for the community.


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