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Alert Hermanus security officers nab several suspects

Several suspects have been arrested in the Hermanus CBD in recent days, thanks to the alertness of the Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) team.

In the first incident, an HPP officer spotted two well-known suspects in Main Road as they were standing close to a bank ATM. The officer knew them to be alleged ATM card thieves, and his suspicion was further raised when he saw the two were keeping an eye on a member of the public who was busy drawing money.

“When the officer tried to intervene, the suspects grabbed the bank card of the member of the public and fled. A description of the suspects was passed on to the HPP team of CCTV operators who managed to locate them in High Street,” explains Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager at Fidelity ADT. HPP is supported and staffed by Fidelity ADT.

The CCTV operators alerted the HPP patrol vehicle as well as Fidelity ADT armed response officers in the area, who located and apprehended both suspects. They were searched and the allegedly stolen bank card was found in their possession, after which they were handed over into police custody.

Boshoff says over the recent months there has been an increase in card thefts at ATM’s and all staff in the field have been sensitised as to what to look out for. He goes on to say that he is impressed with the close cooperation between all team members, which ultimately led to the arrests.

In a separate incident, CCTV operators at HPP spotted two suspects wandering the shops of the Hermanus CBD. After closely following their actions, the operators noticed a large bag which appeared to be used for carrying stolen items.

“The well trained eyes of our CCTV operators managed to identify the alleged theft taking place at these local shops. This enabled them to alert a nearby HPP officer to respond and track down the suspects. They were apprehended, the allegedly stolen items were recovered, and police were called to take the suspects into custody,” says Boshoff.


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