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Alert security officer prevents potentially devastating Sedgefield fire

A resident of the iconic “Cloud 9” ridge on the outskirts of town has praised a local armed response officer, for preventing what could have been potentially a devastating fire.

Erich Rohwer explains that he was asleep one Saturday night (6 July at approx. 23h30) when he heard a loud knock at the door. “I was awoken by an armed response officer, who was alerting me to a bush-fire which had started burning close by,” writes Mr Rohwer.

It later transpired that Fidelity ADT armed response officer Buyile Zweni had been on patrol in the area, when he noticed smoke and a fire.

“Officer Zweni immediately contacted the police and fire department to alert them, and then proceeded to knock on local doors to wake up residents and warn them,” says Pieter Meiring, Garden Route branch manager at Fidelity ADT.

Thankfully, the fire department arrived on the scene quickly and were able to successfully douse the flames.

Mr Rohwer says he is convinced the officer prevented what could have been a tragedy.

“I believe that the ridge might have gone up in flames, no doubt resulting in loss of homes and property. I recommend that he be awarded appropriate recognition.”


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