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The Apartment Security Guide

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Moving in to a new apartment is always exciting. Hours may be spent simply positioning and repositioning your furniture to your satisfaction.

But there are practical concerns that have to be taken in to account when you move. Paramount among these is security. While it seems unlikely that an apartment building would be the target of burglary or break-ins, it can still be a target.

So we’ve put together some tips on the best ways for renters to ensure their safety.

Before you start

Securing a rented apartment will always start with the same hurdle – your landlord.

You should discuss security with your landlord before you move in. At the very least, make it a priority early in your tenancy. You’ll want to discuss any existing security measures, and find out how far you can go in adding security to the apartment.

Be prepared to work around some restrictions in your plans, but don’t worry too much. Even if you are limited in your ability to change the apartment, there are still steps you can take to improve security.

Access control

Your next step in improving your home security should be access control.

While most apartments already have a form of access control, it’s worryingly easy to get in to a complex – even if you have no business being there.

Combat this by investing in access control at your apartment’s front door. A security gate adds an additional layer of security, giving you the ability to vet access to your home if necessary.

This can be taken further by mounting a CCTV camera above the gate. Integrated with your TV (or cellphone), this will give you advance warning when needed.

Inside the apartment

Access control makes it harder for intruders to get in to your apartment, but it’s important to take measures inside your apartment as well.

The size of your apartment will work to your benefit here: apartments are generally smaller than houses, so you can get by quite happily with a less sophisticated – and less expensive – option.

You’ll want to start with a good security alarm. This will ensure that your home’s protected whether you’re there or not.

Another useful addition is a panic button. Placed in each of the rooms of your apartment, these will give you a vital lifeline should someone gain access while you’re home alone.

What to do when your lease is up

So you’ve gone to all the trouble of installing protection in your apartment. But your lease is nearly up, and you’re looking to move.

This is the problem that most discourages renters from taking steps to protect themselves, but it doesn’t need to be a problem at all.

ADT offers a full service for those moving home, making it easy for you to stay secure when you move. That way, you’re protected no matter where you live.


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