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Business owners advised to be on the lookout for potential shoplifters


Business owners in Hermanus have been urged to be on the lookout for potential shoplifters, and to make sure their security measures are up to date. That’s the message from Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) after the arrest of a shoplifter in the area. HPP is managed and staffed by Fidelity ADT.

The owner of a shop in the Hermanus CBD contacted HPP a few weeks ago and informed them of a suspect who had allegedly stolen an item from the shop. When confronted, the suspect ran away.

“The HPP monitoring centre alerted officers in the area to be on the lookout for the alleged suspect. HPP supervisor Enzo Hartnick and Security Officer Langa Maseti soon spotted a suspect matching the description on the corner of Main and Harbour Road, and stopped and searched him,” explains Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

“Allegedly stolen items up to the value of close to R2000 were found in his possession. We seem to be experiencing regular shoplifting incidents, and business owners are advised to make sure they have the appropriate security measures in place to avoid incidents such as these.”

This incident is the latest in a series of incidents relating to shoplifting in which HPP responded and helped in the arrest of suspects:
– Fidelity ADT manager Jason Botes apprehended a suspect in the CBD on Saturday July 14th after allegedly stealing a pair of sunglasses. Botes was off duty at the time;
– Three suspects were arrested in March in connection with a complaint of shoplifting in the CBD. They were tracked down by CCTV operators at HPP and apprehended at a nearby taxi rank;
– A suspect was arrested in March after threatening a Village Square Centre shop owner with a knife;
– Two well-known shoplifters were arrested in the CBD in May when they were caught red-handed by HPP officers after allegedly stealing items from several shops;
– A suspect was apprehended in January after HPP officers responded to calls that a suspect had stolen a handbag from a shop in the CBD.

“Shop owners are encouraged to make sure that they belong to a reliable and SAIDSA accredited security service provider, who they can notify if they see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. The key is to be proactive when it comes to security and to take the necessary precautions” says Boshoff.

In a separate recent incident in Westcliff, CCTV operators at HPP noticed two suspicious men in the harbour area. The cameras allowed the operators to follow the suspects until they reached a boat which they set on fire, after which they made their exit as quickly as possible.

“After witnessing the crime, the CCTV operators immediately informed our Fidelity ADT armed response team who dispatched a vehicle to follow the suspects. They also informed the fire station who attended to the fire. The quick sharing of information allowed our team to track down the culprits and hand them over for arrest,” says Boshoff.

Various dangerous items and illegal substances were found in the suspects’ possession, and they were arrested accordingly.


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