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Busy week for Hermanus security officers

Several suspects have been arrested in and around Hermanus in the last few days, relating to separate incidents of theft and housebreaking.

“Security officers have certainly been kept very busy in the past week. I am glad though that they made sure all these suspects were apprehended, so that they can face the full might of the law,” says Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

In one of these incidents, on Thursday 14 February 2019, an officer from Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) reported seeing an unidentified suspect walking along a street of Fernkloof carrying a large object covered in a blanket. HPP is managed and supported by Fidelity ADT.

“Fernkloof experienced a large number of burglaries in recent weeks, which led the officer to stop the suspect to question him. Our officer found that the suspect was carrying a large TV under the blanket, which he claimed was given to him by his boss. This explanation did not ring true for our officer, who asked that he and the suspect rather go to speak to the man’s boss,” says Boshoff.

The suspect promptly ran away to a vehicle waiting close by. The TV was loaded into the car and the suspect got into the passenger seat, before they fled.

“The HPP officer pursued the vehicle while also alerting his colleagues in the area. Despite the suspects’ best efforts, the HPP team along with members of the SAPS were able to locate the TV where it was left along the side of the road and also to track down the escape vehicle. One suspect was apprehended and are facing a charge of housebreaking and theft,” says Boshoff.

In other incidents between the 9th and the 14th of February, HPP officers were involved with:

  • the apprehension of two women and one man in connection with two separate cases of housebreaking in the Industrial area,
  • The arrest of a suspect in Westcliffe who was found to have a knife in his possession, and
  • The apprehension of a suspect who allegedly stole items from a clothing shop in the Hermanus CBD.

“Well done to everyone involved in these arrests,” says Boshoff.


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