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CCTV camera boosts school security

Fidelity ADT launched a CCTV camera at a local South Coast school in Marburg towards the end of last year to further bolster the school’s security measures. Over the past five months, the CCTV camera has shown tremendous benefit to all stakeholders and has made a significant difference to the safety of the school and surrounding community.

“The CCTV camera was implemented during October 2018 and has proven to be invaluable in post incident investigations. Due to the positive difference this CCTV camera has made, we are currently looking at more options of launching similar security initiatives in and around the South Coast,” says Fidelity ADT’s district manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughan Pillay.

The CCTV camera has assisted the local SAPS on several occasions were requests were made to review footage for investigational purposes. This included incidents of assault as well as missing persons.

“The security camera is an excellent tool for reviewing incidents and finding out more details on what transpired. Since October last year we have received a few requests from local authorities to look at the footage in an effort to identify potential suspects or the whereabouts of general members of the public. We are delighted that it has been beneficial to both the school and local authorities,” says Pillay.

The principal and staff members agree that the CCTV camera has truly helped them in their security measures at the school.

“The CCTV camera has definitely made a positive contribution toward the safety measures at our school. It has not only served as an additional deterrent of crime, but has also been beneficial in post incident investigations. It is truly pleasing to know that the school is supported by the Fidelity ADT armed response team, who together with the security technologies, form a formidable team,” says Marburg Primary Principal, Dr Balenthran Gounden.

Members of the public are encouraged to get in touch with the South Coast team at Fidelity ADT should they wish to embark on similar initiatives for their school, places of worship, businesses or residential properties.


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