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Children empowered & entertained by Mr Fidelity ADT

Mr Fidelity ADT visited various schools throughout the province during Youth month in preparation for the upcoming mid-year holidays, entertaining children with magic tricks whilst delivering important crime awareness messages and safety tips. Schools recently visited include: Braidale Primary, St Marysl, Little Darling, Glenardle Junior Primary, Madressa Islam, Fynnland Senior Primary, Sunford Primary and many more.

Children are taught to be aware, what potential signs to look out for when in a dangerous situation as well as how to handle these situations and who to call. “Mr Fidelity ADT covers various safety measures that are applicable at school, home or online in a fun and exciting manner. Safety is a priority and must be top of mind for everyone, particularly the youth of our country who are especially vulnerable to crime,” says Fidelity ADT’s district manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughan Pillay.

The Mr. Fidelity ADT initiative was launched by Fidelity ADT as part of a program aimed at creating crime awareness amongst the children of KwaZulu-Natal. “We believe it is important to be proactive and educate our children on the dangers of crime. Mr. Fidelity ADT is able to educate children on a serious topic but in a fun and entertaining manner,” added Pillay.

Miss Bedesi, Principal of Glenardle Junior Primary School thanked Fidelity ADT for the interactive and educational safety show. “I would like to thank Fidelity ADT, and especially Adrian Smith (Mr Fidelity ADT) for the fabulous, educational and entertaining show. Our learners thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and learnt many different aspects of safety both at school and at home.”

Local schools can book a Mr Fidelity ADT show by contacting the Fidelity ADT marketing department on 031 716 5547 or alternatively they can contact Mr Fidelity ADT directly on


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