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Building Management Solutions

Smart Building Evolution

Advances in technology and the explosion of connected devices and sensors are driving a new era in buildings and their management. Facility managers are under pressure to deal with an unprecedented number of systems and the ensuing complexity.

Keeping up with the evolution of smart buildings requires a solution that can handle the complexity of interlinked systems and one that is agile enough to scale as more items become connected. With innovation at every level EcoStruxureTM Building from Schneider Electric makes buildings smarter, safer, more reliable, efficient, connected, comfortable, and sustainable for leading organizations worldwide.

Fidelity ADT Commercial has extensive experience in building management technology and is a leading provider of innovative and tailor made solutions to fit any configuration and keep up with the growing Internet of Things (IoT) architecture.

EcoStruxureTM Building

From planning and design through to completion EcoStruxtureTM Building offers engineering efficiency to your building to ensure productivity and comfort for occupants.

  • 75% of building life cycle costs are operating expenses
  • Drive up to 50% of energy efficiency via active control of building spaces
  • Save up to 30% of energy costs

Connected Products

Offering a solid foundation with connected devices ranging from valve actuators and controllers to circuit breakers, sensors and meters.

Edge control

Simplify integration between buildings and systems through one platform

Apps, Analytics and Services

Gain actionable insights via apps, analytics and services based on best-in-class expertise, processes and smart technology.

Scalable, open and secure platform provides foundation

  • Proven Software: StruxureWareTM Building Operation
    • Ease of use and simplification of features
  • Hardware Innovation: SmartX Controllers – AS-P and AS-B & AS-BL

StruxureWare SBO v2.0

Combines proven software and hardware innovation with engineering, installation and services to make buildings:

  • Smarter
    • Gain insight across systems and access actionable information for ROI-driven decision making
  • More Efficient
    • Increase building efficiency to reduce energy consumption and costs
  • More Sustainable
    • Create a comfortable environment that boosts productivity and improves facility value

Provides a scalable, open and secure IoT platform to proactively solve today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow

Combines proven building management software and hardware innovation with services to future-ready buildings

Real Smart

Deploy scalable, open and secure architecture

  • Integrate any building management application or system
  • Leverage native support for open protocols including LON®, BACnetTM, Modbus® and Web Services

Breakdown traditional information silos

  • Monitor and manage building systems and devices on one network
  • Easily incorporate Web Services to access external data – such as weather and utility costs
  • Integrate and optimize across multiple enterprise domains with Schneider’s Power, Data Center and other offers

Protect against the most malicious attacks

  • Protect investment with best-in-class cybersecurity to keep building systems up and running

Real Simple

Gain 24/7 access to building information

  • Manage your facility on the go with intuitive mobile user apps and a full-function, browser-based WebStation user interface

Allow users to personalize their workspace

  • Organize interface by individual users to suit assorted needs and roles

Simplify day-to-day operations with user-friendly functionality

  • Optimize building operations with drag-and-drop trending,  one-click reporting, interactive graphics, calendar-like scheduling and easy-to-use alarms

Real Performance

Realize significant savings

  • Speed installation and enhance building operation and maintenance

Create a healthy, sustainable environment

  • Attract and retain employees and occupants
  • Ensure your facility meets government efficiency requirements and qualifies for tax-based incentives

Turn data into actionable intelligence

  • Leverage out-of-the box reporting and trending tools that provide actionable intelligence

StruxureWare™ Building Operation

Integrate energy, lighting, HVAC and fire safety systems to automate, control and monitor buildings, turning system data into actionable intelligence.

Additional hardware

Field devices/Room Controllers/Field Controllers

  • Sensors and thermostats
  • Valves and actuators
  • Lighting control
  • Energy metering
  • Variable speed drives
  • Wall mounted room controllers
  • Enhanced cybersecurity features
  • Modular Software i.e. Power manager
  • Workstation
  • WebStation
  • Mobile Apps
  • User Friendly

Lighting Control in Buildings with Cbus

What is a Lighting Control System?

  • A lighting control system consists of a device that controls electric lighting and devices, alone or as part of a system, for a public, commercial or residential building.
  • Lighting control systems are used for
    • working aesthetic
    • security illumination for interior and exterior
    • landscape lighting

Advantages of a Lighting Control System

  • The ability to control
    • a single light
    • group of lights or
    • all lights in a building from a single user interface device
    • any light or device can be controlled from any location.
  • A lighting scene (ambient lighting) can create dramatic changes in atmosphere.
  • Benefits include:
    • Reduced energy consumption and costs
    • Longer bulb life from dimming, reduced maintenance costs
    • Reduced emission carbon footprints


  • C-Bus is a Lighting Control system for Building and Residential segments:
    • Scheduling
    • On/Off
    • Dimming
    • Scenes
  • With the intelligence to integrate with:
    • Security
    • Irrigation
    • Audio
    • HVAC
    • Blinds

Why use C-Bus?

  • Robust and reliable control system
  • No central processor
  • Single C-Bus cable connection can control many devices.
  • C-Bus offers the ultimate flexibility
    • Functions can be changed
    • Added / removed, moved, reprogrammed
    • At any position on the network, at any time without any cumbersome hard-wiring.

Types of Units

There are 4 main categories:

  1. Input Units
  2. Output Units
  3. System Support Devices
  4. Wiser Unit – Wi-fi

Input Units

  • Touch Screens
  • Switches
  • Sensors
  • Light Level
  • PIR
  • Motion
  • Temperature
  • Auxiliary Input Units
  • Infrared Receivers
  • Scene Controllers
  • Bus Coupler
  • Thermostat

Output Units

  • Voltage Free Relays
  • Voltage Free Changeover relays
  • Dimmers
  • DSI Gateway
  • Analogue Output (0 – 10V DC)
  • Infrared Transmitters.

System Support Devices

  • Power Supply
  • Network Bridge
  • PC Interface
  • Computer Network Interface (CNI) Unit.

Wiser Unit

The Wiser unit will give access to the CBus system through remote interfaces like a PC, smart phone or tablet.  Provided there is internet connectivity a variety of actions can be performed.

  • Remote Switching of
    • Lights
    • Pumps
    • Appliances
  • Remote view of
    • Alarm status
    • CCTV

Energy Savings and Return on Investment with lighting control

  • Lighting can make up to 30% of energy consumption in office buildings
  • Energy savings through Lighting Control
    • Up to 50% with occupancy sensors
    • Up to 40% via daylight dimming
    • Up to 13% via lumen control
    • Up to 35% with time scheduling


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