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Empower your children to deal with a crisis

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In light of Child Protection week this month, parents are encouraged to take responsibility to not only educate their children about safety but to also give them the necessary tools to deal with a crisis.

We are aware of incidents of petty crime where school children have been mugged for their cell phones and other valuables. There have also been many incidents where children have been home during a house robbery. While we don’t want our children to live in fear, we do need to have frank conversations about what to do in a crises situation.

The same rules that apply to adults need to be instilled in children.

  • The first and golden rule is to not antagonise the criminal. You need to show them you are not a threat. Unless your child feels they are facing an imminent life-and-death situation, they should not fight back and readily give over any material possessions.
  • They should never try and engage in conversation. They should speak only if spoken to and then try to keep their answers short and to the point.
  • Encourage your children to try and get a good look at the criminal and memorise their physical details and clothing, as well as the vehicle they’re in. Listen for any names or other details that might help identify them later.
  • Remind your children to try and remain calm and quiet if not threatened so the criminal can get what he or she wants and move off.

These simple actions can often keep a child safe, and parents are reminded to constantly reinforce general safety tips for children.

  • They must always walk to or from school with a friend or friends. Stick to streets they know and never take short cuts through quiet areas or empty parking lots and never walk with cell phones and iPads in full view.
  • If they get picked up at school, they should never leave the premises but always wait inside the school grounds for their lift to arrive.
  • They must never get into a stranger’s car; even if the stranger claims that someone they love is hurt and that they have been sent to pick them up. Remind them that you would never send someone they don’t know to fetch them.
  • If a stranger approaches them, they should not talk to them no matter how friendly they may seem.

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