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Fidelity ADT Intervention Leads to Arrests in Pretoria

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The actions of two Fidelity ADT Reaction Officers have led to three arrests in Montana, Pretoria, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer S Mashigo responded to a panic alarm in Heron Street that sounded at approximately 5:19am on 29 June.

On his arrival, Officer Mashigo quickly confirmed an armed robbery was taking place. In the course of the Reaction Officer responding to the incident, the suspects attempted to flee by jumping over a back wall. In doing so they further triggered the security alarm of another Fidelity ADT client in Hawk Street.

Nearby, Reaction Officer I Mogobale received this call via his tablet.

Arriving at the Hawk Street property, he entered and saw one of the suspects – who tried to confuse the officer by telling him that the suspects were nearby. However, Officer Mogobale noticed that the man was reaching for a firearm. The officer immediately took cover, instructing the suspect not to move.

The SAPS arrived and arrested the suspect. On further investigation another two suspects were found hiding inside a neighbouring toilet with two firearms, cell phones, car keys and housebreaking equipment.

It was later discovered that the suspects had tied up the homeowners in the Heron Street residence and robbed them of jewellery, cell phones and other small items of value.

All three suspects were arrested and no injuries or shootings took place despite, the recovery of 3 firearms.


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