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Fidelity ADT officer’s heroics saves couple in despair in Aston Bay

A couple was recently saved from what could have been a fatal ordeal after being chased by four armed suspects in Aston Bay.

“The couple was taking a stroll at the beach in the early hours of Saturday morning when they were alarmed by four suspects carrying weapons. The couple made a run for it after being asked to hand over their valuables,” says Fidelity ADT Branch Manager Ryan Britz.

Fortunately while fleeing from the suspects Fidelity ADT Armed Response Officer (ARO) Sarel Breytenbach was conducting his patrols in the same area. The officer spotted both the couple and the suspects and immediately realised what was playing out in front of him.

“Officer Breytenbach pulled over and managed to make his way past the couple towards the suspects, placing him in between the two parties. ARO Breytenbach warned the suspects to stop, after which he pulled out his firearm when they ignored his command. This led to the suspects retreating and fleeing in different directions, and allowed our officer to focus his attention on the couple and their well-being,” says Britz.

“Our officers are trained to deal with any kind of emergency situation, hence ARO Breytenbach’s swift response to this incident. I would like to congratulate the officer on his excellent commitment and bravery shown.”

The officer made sure that the couple was unharmed, which was thankfully the case. They were understandably traumatised, and officer Breytenbach escorted them back to their vehicle.

“Residents should always be vigilant when out and about and avoid areas that are quiet or isolated. Criminals are opportunistic and will look to take advantage of any situation. I would also recommend asking your security company if they offer a mobile panic alarm service, which can be linked to their monitoring centre and activated in any emergencies,” says Britz.


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