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Fidelity ADT supports the Siyakhathala community in fighting crime

Supporting community security groups goes a long way toward reducing crime and assisting the police and private security companies, says Ryan Britz, Fidelity ADT’s branch manager for Port Elizabeth.

“These members all conduct these activities on a volunteer basis, not getting any monetary value in return. It’s very commendable and we are proud to be able to support such entities,” says Britz.

The private security company is eager to support local neighbourhood watch groups who are going the extra mile, often donating much-needed equipment to aid them in their crime fighting and prevention efforts.

Last month, Fidelity ADT donated several reflective vests to a local Port Elizabeth neighbourhood watch, the Siyakhathala Neighbourhood Watch (SNHW) in New Brighton.

According to Britz, the SNHW is an essential part of keeping Siyakhathala safe. Patrolling the area is just one of the many aspects of the SNHW’s involvement and there are also several other crime awareness initiatives they participate in.

“Groups such as the SNHW plays an integral part in the safety and security of our communities, they serve as additional resources to local authorities as well as security companies.”

Britz encourages crime-ridden communities to establish these types of initiatives to help combat crime. “For those looking to start a community security group, we encourage you to call on the private security industry to assist. They have first-hand knowledge of what works, having assisted other groups in the past. An integrated approach is also always more successful so perhaps find out if other groups are already active in neighbouring suburbs, and share ideas with them,” he advises.

Britz suggests that communities served by neighbourhood watch groups should support them in any way they can.

“By attending community meetings, reading emails and voting when called to do so, you can show support for those who have stepped up and are working towards a security solution for you and your loved ones,” he concludes.


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