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Several arrests made by Hermanus security officers”

March was a good month for local private security officers, with several arrests carried out across Hermanus. The arrests were carried out by Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) officers. HPP is staffed and managed by Fidelity ADT.

The first arrest was made on Thursday, 15 March after HPP Security Officer Asanda Ngamlana responded to reports of shoplifting within the Hermanus CBD. This followed a call from one of the store managers, who described three youths that were possible suspects. HPP’s CCTV operators started scouting the streets in an attempt to find suspects that matched the suspects’ description.

When three suspects matching the description were spotted at a nearby taxi rank, officer Ngamlana was sent to investigate. He managed to find the suspects and searched them for any stolen items. An allegedly stolen USB device was found on them.

“Our officer reported his findings to the store owner, who decided to lay charges and get the SAPS involved to affect an arrest,” says Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

In a separate incident which occurred on the same day, HPP Security Officers received a call for help from a store manager at the Village Square Centre who reported being threatened with a knife. Armed with a description of the alleged suspect, HPP officers quickly located the suspect. He was positively identified by the shop owner and a knife was found in his possession. Hermanus SAPS took the suspect into custody.

This was not the end of events for that day, however.

“HPP Security Officer Linda Tyebileyo was on patrol along the Hermanus Cliff path, where he noticed a person who raised his suspicions. He decided to ask the person if he could search him, which led to the discovery of several items which appeared to have been stolen from a house in Westcliffe. The suspect tried to escape but failed, and was promptly handed over into police custody,” says Boshoff.

“We are delighted with both the proactive and reactive efforts from our officers. Thursday the 15thwas definitely a busy day, but it didn’t stop there though as another arrest was made three days later after our CCTV operators spotted a suspect entering a home in Seeberg Street.”

Following an alert issued by CCTV operators, HPP Security Officer Siyabulela Foji was dispatched to investigate the matter. Upon arriving at the property the officer caught the suspect trying to force open a back door on the property. The suspect was apprehended and the owner of the property was contacted.

“The owner confirmed that he did not know the suspect who claimed to be looking for someone on the property. The SAPS arrested the suspect and he was detained on a charge of loitering,” says Boshoff.



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