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Good News Story – Arrest by CCTV

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On Sunday morning at approximately 02h33 Hermanus Public Protection (H.P.P. – which is staffed and managed by Fidelity ADT Security),CCTV Operators spotted 3 youngsters going into Lord Roberts’s road East Cliff.

The youngsters were detected earlier on in the evening by the CCTV Operators who monitored them until they moved out of CCTV view. The HPP Supervisor on duty was notified of the 3 youngsters and asked to assist in keeping an eye on them.

They 3 entered the yard at 24 Lord Roberts street. The house is known as Bedford house.

CCTV operators contacted the SAPS, HPP Supervisor and F-ADT Senior Response Officer Eugene du Plessis for assistance.

HPP Supervisor Sinithemba Finiza and HPP Officer Siyamthanda Tom, who were nearby at the time, were quick to respond and were able to catch 2 of the suspects.

The third suspect managed to run away but was soon tracked down by FADT Senior Response Officer Eugene du Plessis and detained.

SAPS members arrived on scene and searched the suspects. They were found with the following items in their possession:

  • 2 sets of rugby togs,
  • 1 wet suite,
  • 1 skate board,

The resident, Mrs Heyns, who was unaware that her house had been broken into, woke up and confirmed that all the items belonged to the children in the house.

A case of House Breaking and Theft was opened against the juveniles and they were arrested.



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