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Hermanus security officers and CCTV network score 7 wins in the fight against crime

Local security and armed response teams have assisted in the arrest of seven suspects in and around Hermanus in recent weeks, in connection with separate cases and complaints of shoplifting and alleged possession of stolen property.

“In all of the incidents, the CCTV monitoring team at Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) played key roles in the ultimate apprehension of the suspects involved. It shows how modern technology backed up by committee personnel makes for a winning recipe in the fight against crime,” says Marius Boshoff, Hermanus Branch Manager for Fidelity ADT.

HPP is staffed and managed by Fidelity ADT.

In the most recent incident, the HPP monitoring centre received a call that two suspects had been spotted jumping over a wall on Westcliff Drive.

“The CCTV team monitored cameras in the area and soon located two suspects who matched the description given. HPP response officers were able to track the two down and apprehend them. They were searched and suspected stolen items were found in their possession, after which they were handed over into police custody,” says Boshoff.

A few days earlier in a separate incident, alert CCTV operators noticed two women walking along the streets of the CBD. They were carrying a large bag and their demeanour raised the suspicion of operators.

“Security officers were deployed to intercept the two. They were searched and items of clothing were found in the bag; the two could not provide proof of payment for the items. On further investigation it was confirmed that the items had been stolen, and the two ladies were handed over into police custody,” explains Boshoff.

Three suspects were also handed over to the police in two separate incidents earlier in the month, in connection with the possession of various allegedly stolen items, such as cellphones, ID cards, keys, sim cards and items of clothing.

“I want to salute the HPP officers and their CCTV monitoring centre colleagues, for their diligent approach to protecting the people of Hermanus. Well done everyone,” says Boshoff.


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