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Home Security and Social Media

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Social media has become truly ubiquitous. Its popularity is hardly surprising – never before has it been easier to share our lives with each other.

In terms of home security, social media is something of a double-edged sword. With some organisation, it becomes a powerful tool for community security. Equally, thoughtless use can have negative consequences.

Safer neighbourhoods with social media

The ability of social media to keep people in touch is hugely powerful in a world where smartphones are the norm.

Previously, the best option that neighbourhood watch groups had to stay in contact was the landline and regular meetings. The advent of social media and smartphones changed everything. Now, community members play a pro-active role in the protection of their neighbourhood.

Facebook groups allow communities to quickly and easily co-ordinate and communicate, making it easier for members and even armed response to take action when it’s needed.

The nice thing about these avenues of communication is their versatility: aside from suspicious sightings, you can also let people know when you’re going away, ensuring that they keep an extra close eye on your property.

But not everything you share online is to your benefit. Some information could lead to holes in your security.

Don’t show, don’t tell

The major security risk posed by social media is also its biggest benefit: the ability to share information with the world at large.

The problem is one of gate-keeping. If your profile is public, then you can’t be sure who’s had a look at the new TV you’ve just posted. Likewise, a post about how great your holiday is going can seem like an open invitation.

So the first tip we have for you is simple: be careful what and when you post. You’ll lose nothing by waiting until you’re home to post your holiday snaps.

Most social media sites also allow you to control who sees your profile, by setting it to private. This means that you can minimise the risk of undesirables finding out that you’re not at home.

Lastly, a good armed response service will ensure that even if you do put up a post while on holiday, you can still maintain a level of protection.


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