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Jeffreys Bay Cellphone Thief Apprehended

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Thanks to intervention by a Fidelity ADT armed response officer, a suspect was arrested by police in Jeffrey’s Bay recently after allegedly stealing a cellphone from someone relaxing on the beach.

Fidelity ADT received a panic alarm activation from a client close to the beachfront. Armed response officer Johannes Goeda was dispatched to investigate.

“When officer Goeda arrived at the address, our client told him that he had been mugged on the beach a short while earlier and his cellphone stolen. The client had run back home to press his panic button in order to call for help,” says Ryan Britz, branch manager for Fidelity ADT in Jeffreys Bay.

Officer Goeda called for backup and proceeded to patrol the beachfront. His colleague, fellow armed response officer Joy Hammond, soon joined the search for the alleged cellphone thief.

“During their patrols, our officers noticed a suspect matching the description they were earlier given of the alleged cellphone thief, and apprehended the suspect. He was handed over into the custody of the Jeffrey’s Bay SAPS who arrested him on a charge of theft,” says Britz.

“I am grateful to our team for the quick and seamless way in which they responded. This ultimately ensured that another suspect would end up behind bars, where he belongs.”
As always, Fidelity ADT takes great pride in the professionalism and care that our armed response officers take when responding to calls – whether to panic alarms or security alarms, we strive to be always there.


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