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The timely intervention of a Fidelity ADT patrol officer led to the arrest an alleged thief in Manor Gardens. The suspect was arrested after allegedly trying to break into a car and steal the owner’s belongings.

In response to a panic alarm signal, patroller Victor Khomo was dispatched to a Clair Avenue address by Fidelity ADT’s monitoring centre.

“One of our clients had seen a suspect jump over her property’s wall, which led her to raise the alarm,” says Dan Maharaj, community development manager for Fidelity ADT.

Officer Khomo – undertaking street patrol of the area at the time – responded immediately. As he arrived at the property he found a suspect attempting to break into a car parked outside the client’s home.

“The suspect was allegedly trying to steal the car radio as well as a number of other items, but he was successfully apprehended by Officer Khomo,” says Maharaj. “We commend the officer for his bravery and quick response which led to the apprehension of the suspect. These officers are often the “unsung heroes” of our communities and we are proud of his efforts in keeping our client safe while also limiting the damage from the attempted theft from her vehicle,”

Following patrol officer Khomo’s intervention, all items were successfully recovered and returned to their owner.


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