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Maritzburg Thief Apprehended

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A Fidelity ADT private security officer has been praised for his bravery, which led to the arrest of a suspected thief. The suspect is now in police custody.

On Monday, 14 June, the Fidelity ADT Monitoring Centre received a security alarm signal from a Mattison Drive property and immediately dispatched armed response officer, Eric Biyela. He arrived at the home within minutes.

Whilst conducting a perimeter check, armed response officer Biyela spotted a suspect throwing stolen items over the boundary wall in an attempt to escape. Acting quickly, he successfully apprehended the thief, who was and handed over for arrest to members of the Bakerville South African Police Service (SAPS).

Further investigation revealed that the suspect had jumped over the wall and had initially tried to break into the home via the lounge window without success. The suspect then made his way to the garage where he managed to gain access and stole expensive fishing gear that he was hoping to flee with. During the course of the alleged robbery the security alarm was activated.
All stolen goods were recovered and returned to the owner.

KZN District Manager for Fidelity ADT, Ivan Govender, commended Officer Biyela for his quick response and bravery. “I am proud of the armed response officer’s rapid response and courageousness which ensured that the criminal has now been placed behind bars.”

He urged residents to remain vigilant at all times and not to let their guard down. “Many of us have the perception that criminals strike during the dark of night. However this is not the case, criminals are opportunists and will be on the lookout for any vulnerable areas in and around your property during the day and night. Ensure that your security alarm systems are tested regularly and that your property has sufficient security measures in place to protect you and your loved ones.”


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