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Mobile Trailer to benefit Durban communities

A key focus area for all private security companies is the importance of showing high visibility within the suburbs they operate in without compromising on service delivery. Fidelity ADT recently launched a branded trailer to increase their visibility in suburbs where crime is on the rise.

“Our recently deployed Fidelity ADT trailer is a means to support our Localised Security Scheme (LSS) security guards in areas where crime is on the increase. This trailer is specifically designed to increase our presence in areas where vehicles can’t necessarily be present all the time. We are specifically looking to address greenbelt spaces where large areas of vegetation can often lead to increased crime as it serves as an ideal hiding or getaway spot,” explains Fidelity ADT’s District Manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughan Pillay.

Areas that suffer from crime due to bordering greenbelt areas include Westville and Kloof in particular, and these areas will be ideal locations to deploy the trailer.

“This is by no means a resource that will solve the problem, rather part of a collective effort with various resources being implemented. In areas where the trailer will be deployed, it will form part of a large network of security measures to protect our residents. The ideal combination would include the trailer, CCTV or LPR cameras, armed response vehicles as well as LSS guards, which will all contribute towards curbing crime,” says Pillay.

The Fidelity ADT trailer is currently deployed in Kingsmead Road, Dawncliffe and will be moving around into various Durban suburbs to increase visibility. Residents can also expect to see this trailer at local community events.

“The trailer will also be made available, at no charge, to security partners such as the local Neighbourhood Watches, Community Policing forums and the SAPS. It can be used at community events to sell tickets or goods from, and will hopefully make a small contribution in assisting the organisers,” says Pillay.

Community leaders or other authorities are invited to contact Lee Munsami from Fidelity ADT on 031 716 5500 if they would like to find out more about the trailer and for enquiries regarding booking the trailer for any upcoming events.


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