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A New Germany resident has exemplified the community spirit by answering a call from a neighbour, leading to the arrest of a suspected criminal.

The community member called Fidelity ADT’s monitoring centre on Tuesday 4 July, reporting that a neighbour walking along the road had been mugged.

“The caller informed our monitoring centre that the neighbour’s handbag, cash and other personal belongings had been stolen, and asked that we deploy an armed response officer to assist,” says Ivan Govender, Fidelity ADT’s district manager for KwaZulu-Natal.

The monitoring centre dispatched Fidelity ADT armed response officer Lungisani Hagile to Ridge Road. On his arrival, officer Hagile interviewed both caller and victim to establish an order of events. This also yielded an accurate description of the suspect.

“Armed response officer Hagile proceeded to patrol the streets of New Germany, and very soon located an individual that matched the description he was given earlier. On questioning and searching the suspect, the allegedly stolen items were discovered in his possession and he was handed over into the custody of Pinetown SAPS,” says Govender.

“We commend armed response officer Hagile for the good work as it is always encouraging to see another criminal behind bars. The incident also shows the importance of being able to provide authorities with a detailed description of suspects involved in these crimes. It makes it far easier to track them down and truly helps our officers to know what to look out for when patrolling an area.”

Govender also paid tribute to the resident who first raised the alarm, saying it represents a heart-warming example of communities who come to each other’s aid in time of need. He cautioned residents to never engage criminals or suspects themselves, but to always make contact with security companies or the police as they are trained to respond to potentially dangerous situations.


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