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Officer’s vigilance leads to arrest in Bluewater Bay

Two suspects were arrested in Bluewater Bay earlier this month, thanks to the vigilance of a local armed response officer.

“Our officer, Ashton le Roux was on patrol in the area early on Saturday 2 February when he spotted two suspicious looking individuals. He decided to observe them from a distance, anticipating that they could be up to no good,” explains Ryan Britz, Port Elizabeth branch manager at Fidelity ADT.

The two men made their way down Nathan Crescent where they eventually attempted to break into a construction container.

“Criminals have a tendency to identify vulnerable or unprotected areas which they can target for common theft or break-ins,” says Britz.

“In this case they probably noticed the container during the day and came back in the early hours of the morning to force it open and steal from it. They might also have used the stolen items as a means to break into other surrounding properties, which is a real risk for residents.”

When he noticed the suspects forcing open the container, Officer Le Roux contacted the Fidelity ADT Monitoring Centre for backup and also asked that the police be alerted. In the meantime, he confronted the suspects and ordered them to lie down on the ground.

“We are incredibly proud of Officer le Roux and would like to thank him for his excellent work in apprehending the suspects,” says Britz.

Both suspects were handed over for arrest to the Swartkops SAPS.


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