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PE’s community information centre responds to medical emergency at local school

A Port Elizabeth scholar is receiving counselling after reportedly trying to commit suicide while at school.

“The school in question had just recently installed one of our armed response systems, and the principal was told that they should also keep the contact details for the Community Information Centre (CIC) on hand in case of any medical or other emergencies,” explains Ryan Britz, Port Elizabeth branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

The CIC was set up by Fidelity ADT three years ago, and acts as a central contact and monitoring facility for all crime, medical or municipal matters in and around PE.

“A few days ago, our CIC team received a call for help from the school explaining that one of their learners needed urgent medical assistance. The learner had apparently taken an overdose of blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and was slipping in and out of consciousness,” says Britz.

CIC operator Oswell October was on duty when the call came in, and he immediately dispatched an ambulance to the school. He stayed on the line with the school in the meantime, and also asked to speak to the learner’s parents who by that time had also arrived at the school.

“Oswell tried to assure the parents that help was on the way. He stayed on the line with them until the ambulance had arrived, and later followed up to make sure the leaner was recovering well,” says Britz.

The CIC team has also arranged counselling to be provided to the learner and parents.

“We are extremely grateful that the child survived the ordeal, and we send our best wishes to both the learner and the parents.

“Our CIC operators are trained to deal with any kind of emergency and this was again illustrated by the excellent work done by Oswell, under very traumatic circumstances. The CIC serves as an integral part to the safety and security of our Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay communities, and we are ready to respond to any kind of call for help – from medical emergencies, to incidents of crime, even municipal matters such as defective traffic signals.”


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