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How smart is your security provider?

If for whatever reason you leave a key under the pot plant for your neighbour while you’re on holiday, be sure your high-tech cameras have eyes on that pot plant, says

Charnel Hattingh, Head of Marketing and Communications for Fidelity ADT.

Home security products have advanced in line with technology at a rapid rate, she says, allowing homeowners much more control over their security - in real time.

So, when the neighbour arrives to pick up the key under the pot plant, you can watch them on your phone from the beach in Italy and even open the door for them or switch on the patio light.

In fact, home security is so smart today the neighbour won’t need a key. You can open for them at the touch of button on your smart device.

“The cornerstone of security starts at home. So, when looking for a security provider you must ask what technology they have which will allow you to automate your home and alarm system, giving you ultimate control of your security,” Hattingh says.

“What is most important is that their services extend beyond just alarm monitoring and armed response.”

Fidelity ADT makes use of the latest technologies right from their control room through to their response vehicles and into customers’ homes.

“All these technologies help our customers because they help us – to respond faster to incidents, identify trends more quickly, better support the police, train more efficiently and fight crime more effectively,” Hattingh explains.

But, what does a smart home security system look like?

  • It is the ability to keep an eye on your home and family from anywhere, at any time.
  • Whether at work or away on holiday, homeowners can get notifications if an alarm has been activated, set automation rules and access real-time videos of visitors (and criminals) caught on camera.
  • Intercom systems at the gate or door allow you to talk to the person and you can assign unexpected guests entry codes or unlock the door for them.
  • Advanced security cameras produce high quality footage, especially at night, and can send a snapshot of what is happening on your property to your smartphone.
  • Smart locks open and close using a keypad and/or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi instead of a traditional key (hidden under a pot plant).

“We all want our homes to be a safehaven we can enjoy. Smart security allows you to easily and conveniently interact with your home and be assured it is secure because you know what is happening at any given time,” says Hattingh.

“What could be more convenient than your security system keeping you safe and allowing you to view cameras, dim or switch your lights on and off, lock and unlock doors and even turn your geyser on or off?”

The crime statistics released in February for the third quarter of the 2020/21 period showed residential robberies increased and that one of the biggest points of concern is the increase in murders.

One of the top four contributors to the increase in murders is robberies at a household or business.

“In light of this and the many other continuing crime patterns in suburbs, people should take their home security very seriously and leverage technology to do so,” Hattingh concludes.

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