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Crime trend to be aware of: Vehicle stickers

Fidelity ADT urges Pietermaritzburg motorists to be careful with the information they display on their vehicles following a recent crime trend noted in relation to opportunistic thieves targeting individuals with particular vehicle stickers, branding or personalised number plates.

“We would like to encourage our Pietermaritzburg residents to be careful with the information they display on their vehicles as this could make them a target. Whether you are driving around in the CBD, Scottsville or Northdale, opportunistic criminals are everywhere and are always on the lookout for easy opportunities to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals,” explains District Manager for Fidelity ADT in KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughan Pillay.

Any vehicle stickers that point towards expensive hobbies such as mountain biking, fishing or hunting can make you a target. Once criminals know that there is a high probability that they will be able to steal expensive gear or equipment, it makes the desired property a lot more attractive.

“Whilst it is good to have and enjoy hobbies, opt not to advertise them on your vehicles to avoid potential safety risks,” adds Pillay.

Other information displayed such as the number of family members and their hobbies is an added risk as it provides a clear indication of the number of residents at home which could again lead to unnecessary risk.

“The same applies to personalised number plates which could make it easier to identify your vehicle at a later stage. Criminals can also use this as a method to track your routine and whereabouts in your immediate neighbourhood, place of work or suburb,” says Pillay.

In addition, be cautioned that by displaying a sticker of the school that your children attend, you are providing criminals with a clear indication of their whereabouts.

“Think carefully about the stickers or branding you may want to display on your vehicle and always question if it may put you and/or your family at risk. Always remain vigilant and do not leave anything to chance,” Pillay concludes

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