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Criminals beware – cameras never sleep

Combine LPR camera technology with specialised on the ground security intervention and you have a winning formula.

The decision by Mayberry Park residents to reinforce their community security with additional resources and technology is definitely starting to pay dividends. This week

Fidelity ADT’s Specialist Intervention Unit carried out some pro-active stand off’s in Mayberry Park close to the LPR Cameras which have been installed on strategic intersections in the area. The cameras have the ability to capture images of passing traffic and identify registration numbers which are matched against various databases including SAPS, to detect wanted, stolen or cloned plate vehicles.

Linda Goodenough, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT explains that the camera had picked up a suspicious vehicle previously and the team were monitoring the area and cameras closely. The initiative paid off as the vehicle was spotted again and listed as a hijacked vehicle.

“We followed the vehicle until it stopped at a nearby home. SAPS were also called for backup,” explains Goodenough. As it turns out the car had been previously hijacked in Booysens but had been recovered in Soweto. The driver was able to show proof of the recovery but had not closed the case with SAPS.

“This is a classic example of the power of the cameras which never sleep and a highly proactive efficient response unit on the ground. It is also a reminder to all residents to remember to close a case with SAPS otherwise this information will always remain on the database,” concludes Goodenough

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