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A new era for Hermanus as a public safety initiative kicks off in November

Localised security and public safety efforts are instrumental in keeping any town and community safe. The involvement of the police and local armed response companies, together with dedicated volunteer patrollers and community organisations creates a winning recipe for the fight against crime. This ‘recipe’ will get a brand new taste for Hermanus, starting in November.

“We are proud to confirm that a new contract has been signed for the management and operation of the new look Hermanus Public Protection (HPP). The finance agreement between the Overstrand Municipality and the HSRA Management Company (HPP-NPC) was signed on 30 September 2020, resulting in HPP becoming fully operational on 1 November 2020,” says Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

The agreement captures the Overstrand Municipality’s oversight role and guides collaboration between the various parties. It also regulates the flow of money from property owners via the Municipality, to HPP-NPC.

“With the finance agreement is in place, HPP-NPC was able to enter into supply contracts. A competitive bidding process commenced before lockdown, and this led to the conclusion of three service agreements: crime prevention and public safety (Fidelity ADT), top-up cleaning services (Iphupa Cleaning Services), and CCTV-management and IT-support (Whale Coast Computers),” says Boshoff.

There are a number of key security and safety features to the conclusion of the new contract, he adds. This includes:

Foot patrols – As from 1 November 2020, foot patrols along the entire cliff path, the CBD, and Hoys Koppie will resume. Patrollers are provided by Fidelity ADT and will wear clearly HPP marked uniforms (co-branded Fidelity ADT).

Vehicle patrols – Three HPP-branded Specialised Response Units will patrol the area, with each being dedicated to a specific sector. Patrols will be done 24/7 and the vehicles will be radio-linked to the control centre, neighbourhood watch groups and law enforcement agencies.

Technology – The current network of CCTV cameras will be expanded, and work has already begun on the installation of advanced software that has artificial intelligence capabilities. 

“The website and contact details for HPP have also changed. I recommend Hermanus residents bookmark also save the new number 087 550 5295 on their phones. Alternatively, residents can contact our Hermanus offices and speak with Guarding Area Manager, Jason Botes should they have any questions or concerns,” says Boshoff.

Jason Botes has been appointed as the HPP Operations Manager from Fidelity ADT and will be involved in managing the daily operational staff, equipment and infrastructure. He will also serve as the contact person between the company and local neighbourhood watches as well as law enforcement agencies.

“It is certainly no understatement to say that this has been a tumultuous year for everyone in South Africa and there were certainly few reasons for celebration. However, the conclusion of this new HPP contract is a positive way in which we can bring 2020 to an end. We look forward to continuing our long and successful partnership with the people of Hermanus and the amazing team that help keep it safe.”

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