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Alert around follow homes after Ballyclare incident

Residents in the Bryanston and surrounding areas are advised to remain vigilant, as reports of criminals committing violent crimes have been reported.

On the 11 February at approximately 13:35 Fidelity ADT responded to a shooting  at an office park on Ballyclare Drive in Bryanston. Two armed suspects confronted the occupants of a white Mercedez Benz at the office park. They held them up demanding their watches and any valuable goods. Unfortunately the driver of the vehicle resisted,  was shot twice and fatally wounded.

The suspects fled with watches and cell phones.  Netcare 911 and Sargent Maineja from Sandton SAPS attended the scene.  

Steven Bronks, Fidelity ADT Community Development Manager,  says, “These days criminals are so professional at what they do, you will probably not even realise that you are being followed. Suspects appear to be on the lookout for smart watches and jewellery and residents are once again reminded not to venture out where possible with any flashy jewellery or expensive watches.”

He says the normal routine is to place spotters at restaurants, in shopping malls and parking areas. “These spotters are a real problem and their feedback often results in follow homes which can easily escalate even further into a hijacking or house robbery,” says Bronks.


  • Keep expensive watches covered and avoid wearing flashy jewellery when out and about.
  • Always be aware and vigilant of your surroundings.
  • When leaving a restaurant or shopping centre be on the lookout for anyone that could possibly be following you.
  • If you believe you are being followed drive to the closest police station or security provider guard house if there is any doubt.
  • Try to keep as calm as possible and stay focused on getting to a safe place
  • Do not try and communicate with that vehicle in any way.
  • Slow down -  it is harder to follow somebody that is driving slowly, but don’t stop -  just keep moving.
  • Turn your radio down so you are fully aware of your surroundings.
  • Put your headlights on bright and put your hazards on, day or night as you want to attract as much attention as possible and scare away the would be hijackers.
  • Do not go home if you suspect you are being followed – don’t show them where you live.  Rather head for a busy place if possible like 24 hour garages, hospital, police station etc where it is more difficult to follow you in and where there may be surveillance cameras.

“At the end of the day staying alert is probably the most important tip. Too often we are distracted which makes us vulnerable to criminal activity, “Our heartfelt condolences are extended to the family of the deceased,” concludes Bronks.

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