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Business owners are reminded to check security systems

Business owners in and around George should remember to check their security systems before the busy holiday season arrives. The warning comes from local armed response company Fidelity ADT, following a recent arrest in the town’s industrial area (on Saturday 9 November 2019, at approx. 17h30).

“Armed response officer Douglas Stofy was on patrol one Saturday night when he received an alarm signal from a business premises along Luven Street. We make use of an auto-dispatch system to make sure that the closest armed response officer is immediately dispatched when an alarm signal is received,” explains Pieter Meiring, Garden Route branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

Officer Stofy quickly arrived at the address where he noticed that the front gate padlock appeared to have been forced open. He also heard a noise coming from the back of the property, and contacted the Fidelity ADT Monitoring Centre asking for backup.

“Our officer proceeded to search the property which led to the discovery of two unidentified men – one appeared to be on the lookout, while his alleged accomplice was on the roof. Officer Stofy ordered both to surrender but one of the suspects charged at our officer brandishing a knife,” says Meiring.

The Officer repeated his instructions to surrender, and then fired one warning shot. It is at this point that both suspects surrendered and they were apprehended.

“Both suspects were handed over into the custody of the SAPS. Well done to officer Stofy for remaining calm and successfully apprehending the two suspects, even when one of them charged at him with a knife.

“We have noticed a number of incidents in and around George recently where suspects gained access to business and residential properties via the roof. My advice to everyone – especially business owners – is to make sure all parts of their property are properly protected.

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“In the same way that you do regular maintenance on your car, I would recommend that residents and business owners talk to their security companies to do tests on security measures. When last did you test your system,” asks Meiring.

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