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CCTV Solution for Kloof Community

Following recent reports of an increase in criminal activity within the Kloof area, the community made a collective effort to address the issue by partnering with private security company, Fidelity ADT, and a state-of-the-art CCTV camera was implemented in Park Lane as a proactive measure to enhance the safety of the community.

The CCTV camera, implemented by Fidelity ADT, has been strategically positioned to increase visibility and to add a bird’s eye view of the traffic in and around the area. This includes monitoring of vehicles, suspicious activity, children walking home and any other pedestrians. The CCTV camera is based in close proximity to the recently launched security hut where a Fidelity ADT security guard patrols the area on a 24-hour basis. These critical factors have enhanced the overall security considerably over the past few months. 

“Several cameras have been implemented throughout the province, following the successful reduction of crime in other suburbs as a result of CCTV camera installations. We are hopeful that more community organisations will take advantage of these affordable technologies as a precautionary means to fight crime. These cameras can serve as a crime deterrent at schools, places of worship, businesses or community neighbourhoods,” says Fidelity ADT’s District Manager, Vaughan Pillay. 

The community is reminded to stay alert at all times and to take necessary safety precautions. There are simple actions, Pillay says, which can help to keep you safe. 

•    Lock all doors and windows whether you are at home or not. This applies to your house, your car and any outbuildings on your property. If you have an alarm system installed, make sure it is always armed.
•    Make it look like someone is home. Use automated lighting, either with timers or by using your home security system. Keep a car in the driveway and have a neighbour pick up packages or empty your mailbox. Close curtains so that no one can see in through your windows.
•    Keep valuable items out of sight. Never leave keys, wallets, cell-phones or any other small items on a table or anywhere close to a window. 
•    Cut back any trees or shrubs around your house and around any outbuildings that may provide cover for opportunistic burglars and make it a habit to keep them trimmed. 
•    Talk to your family and friends, and get to know your neighbours. Make sure your loved ones remember what they can do to stay safe, and make sure you share these tips with people who live in your street.

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