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Foot patrols enhance neighbourhood safety

A private security patroller has been praised for his vigilance which resulted in two suspects fleeing the Meer en See area before they could get up to no good.

Fidelity ADT foot patrol officer Ngema was on patrol in Penvis Place recently, shining his torch around surrounding properties, when he noticed two suspicious individuals hiding in the shrubbery alongside a perimeter wall.

“Our officers are trained and equipped to look out for anything suspicious or out of the ordinary,” explains Fidelity ADT’s Branch Manager for Richards Bay and Empangeni, Rian Buys.

Officer Ngema immediately activated his panic button to notify the Fidelity ADT control room. “This triggers a Fidelity ADT armed response officer vehicle to be dispatched as a form of backup to the officer on the ground,” says Buys.

As soon as the suspects realised that the officer had spotted them, they fled south bound on foot towards Kolstertkring Road. Fidelity ADT armed response arrived to assist officer Ngema and conducted several patrols in the area but the two suspects had fled the neighbourhood.

“These officers are often the unsung heroes of society and regularly go beyond the call of duty to keep our neighbourhoods safe. Well done to officer Ngema for being vigilant and acting swiftly which ensured that two suspicious individuals were chased out of the Meer en See community,” concluded Buys.

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