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Hermanus officers kept busy during festive period

Hermanus Public Protection (HPP), a ratepayer funded initiative, in partnership with Fidelity ADT assisted in at least six arrests during the past December holiday period. The arrests involved cases of alleged housebreaking, theft and the possession of illegal substances.

“We are proud of the commitment that the Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) team has shown to the protection of our town and its people. This December was clearly different than any other festive season period any of us have ever experienced, but they nonetheless worked impeccably alongside the Hermanus SAPS and our other security and neighborhood watch partners to score these wins in the fight against crime,” says Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

Three separate incidents took place on the same day, on Friday 11 December.

“It started with a suspect that was spotted by the HPP’s CCTV operators walking towards Sandbaai just after 12am that morning. He was wearing a mask and a backpack. The CCTV operators alerted the police and the local neighborhood watch, and they in turn tracked down the alleged suspect and searched him. At this point he was identified as a well-known housebreaking suspect and he was found to have housebreaking implements as well as dagga in his possession,” says Boshoff.

The suspect was arrested and charged with the possession of housebreaking implements as well as illegal substances.

“The CCTV operators were again called into action, about two hours later. They spotted a car driving at high speed towards Blow Hole and there was a suspicion that the vehicle’s four occupants might be selling drugs. Police were alerted to intercept the car, and a search led to the discovery of drugs. Two of the vehicle’s occupants were taken into custody,” says Boshoff.

Meanwhile in the third incident that same day, two suspects were arrested on a charge of being in possession of possible stolen property. “The suspects were spotted by a specialized HPP response unit that saw the men pushing a shopping trolley on Main Road. A search of the trolley led to the discovery of a brand new printer and toolbox, and the suspects could not give a plausible explanation as to where they found it. They were taken to the police station for further questioning, where they changed their story and indicated that they had found the items at the cave at Hoys Koppie,” says Boshoff.

In the last incident, on Sunday 13 December 2020, another suspect was arrested when he was found with stolen items in his possession. “The HPP team received a call about suspicious behavior close to Kwaaiwater and used their CCTV cameras to investigate. This led to the discovery of a suspect pushing a shopping trolley, and police and HPP officers in the area were alerted to his location,” says Boshoff.

“The suspect was stopped and searched and two sealed paint containers were found in the trolley. The suspect told officers that the containers were found at a building site in Kwaaiwater, and further investigation confirmed that the site had been burgled. The suspect was arrested and charged with housebreaking and theft.

“Well done to the HPP team for their hard work during the holidays. We are proud to have them as our partner in keeping Hermanus safe, and we look forward to another successful year ahead.”

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