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LPR Camera implemented in Yellowwood Park

Following recent reports of an increase in criminal activity within the Yellowwood Park area, the community made a collective effort to address the issue by partnering with private security company, Fidelity ADT, and a state-of-the-art Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) camera was implemented as a proactive measure to enhance the safety of the community.

“Fidelity ADT has launched a series of LPR cameras throughout Durban this year, with the latest one being deployed in Yellowwood Park. These cameras are strategically placed at busy intersections with high traffic volumes as a means to ensure that we are able to maximise the opportunity of flagging any suspicious vehicles,” explains Fidelity ADT’s District Manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughan Pillay.

LPR cameras make use of smart analytics by collecting and analysing data. The insightful system gathers knowledge of its environment by analysing behaviour that occurs in its viewing. Once the camera detects unusual activity it alerts the 24 hour operator in the monitoring centre, who is then able to take relevant action. LPR technology is able to capture a picture of passing traffic and identify a registration number seen in its view. This information is then matched to the SAPS national database to detect suspicious or stolen vehicles.

“We have seen great success with these LPR cameras across this country with stolen vehicles being recovered as well as armed response resources being deployed as soon as an alert is activated. These LPR cameras form part of a collective solution in addressing crime concerns and are driven through our partnerships with local community leaders. One of the highlights this year has been the launch of several of these cameras and in addition we also managed to create a mobile LPR camera by adding it onto one of our armed response vehicles,” Pillay added.

The company says that this is the first installation of a two-step project which is aimed at assisting in safeguarding the Yellowwood Park and Woodhaven neighbourhood. The second camera will be implemented early next year and will cover a different section of traffic flow.

“We would like to thank the local community for partnering with us in deploying this new technology and commend them for their proactive approach to addressing their crime concerns. It is only through their efforts and collaboration that we are able to implemented innovations such as these LPR cameras,” Pillay concluded.

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