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Margate trespassing thief arrested

A private security officer has been praised for his quick response and vigilance which led to the arrest of a suspected thief. The suspect is now in police custody.

The Fidelity ADT Monitoring Centre received a panic alarm signal from a Margate home and immediately dispatched Armed Response Officer (ARO), Christopher Zulu, who arrived at the Selvey Road property within minutes.

“All our ARO’s are equipped with in-vehicle tablet devices which enable them to receive auto dispatch signals as soon as a customer’s alarm is activated, enhancing response times. In emergency situations such as these, we are all aware that time is of the essence and we therefore ensure that all our responses are done in an effective and efficient manner,” says Fidelity ADT’s District Manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughan Pillay.

Upon arrival, ARO Zulu noticed a man leaving the premises and questioned him as to why he was on private property. The individual claimed he was not trespassing and that he was employed by the home owner. Officer Zulu was not convinced by his story and proceeded to question him further. The suspect grew nervous and suddenly fled on foot.

“Our officers are trained to look out for anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. I’m pleased that Officer Zulu followed his instinct and persisted with his questioning which led to the suspect revealing his true intentions by trying to flee and escape the situation. With an increase in incidents across the South Coast over the festive season, our officers have been hard at work protecting the community,” Pillay added.

The suspect did not get very far and was successfully apprehended by officer Zulu. The Fidelity ADT contact centre phoned the home owner during the incident who confirmed that the suspect was not employed by him and that he was in fact trespassing. Further investigations revealed that the suspect had jumped over the perimeter wall and broken into a storeroom. The suspect had packed several items into two boxes when officer Zulu arrived and disturbed him.

The suspect was handed over for arrest to members of the Margate South African Police Service (SAPS).

“I would like to commend ARO Zulu for his swift response and bravery. Thanks to his quick response no one was injured and another criminal has been placed behind bars. Officers are often the unsung heroes of society and regularly go beyond the call of duty to keep our neighbourhoods safe. I encourage the community to conduct regular security assessments in order to resolve any vulnerable or unprotected areas to deter opportunistic criminals,” concluded Pillay.

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