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PE Central Business Owners Urged To Remain Vigilant

Business owners in Port Elizabeth have been reminded to maintain their security measures during lockdown, and to make sure their property is protected with alarm systems that are working properly. The warning, from armed response company Fidelity ADT, comes after three suspects were arrested in the city centre recently.


“We received an alarm signal from a business premises on Strand Street and dispatched armed response officer Cecil Golozeleni to investigate. When he arrived at the address he noticed a suspect which prompted him to call for backup as the property in question was a large business premises which required more than just one response officer,” says Ryan Britz, Port Elizabeth branch manager for Fidelity ADT.


Golozeleni made contact with the Community Information Centre (CIC) monitoring centre, which acts as the key contact point for all safety and law enforcement issues in PE. The centre also monitors community social media platforms.


“CIC operator Oswell October received the call for backup, and dispatched armed response officer Ryan Thyssen to assist his colleague. Officer Golozeleni meanwhile confronted the suspect he encountered which led to the discovery of a second accomplice. It appears that they were trying to steal copper wire and lights from a bus found on the property. A third suspect was apprehended outside the property by officer Thyssen when he arrived,” says Britz.


“We are proud of these officers. This part of PE Central has many commercial properties which makes it essential for officers to have adequate backup when they respond to alarms. These properties are obviously larger than residential premises and hence takes more resources to cover safely. Taking down three suspects in a matter of minutes shows the commitment and bravery of these officers,” Britz added.


All suspects were arrested and was handed over to the Humewood SAPS.

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