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Residential security measures should cover all buildings on your property

Residents of George have been reminded that home security measures should also cover other buildings on a property, such as tool-sheds or outhouse buildings. This follows a recent arrest in King George Park.


Fidelity ADT responded to an alarm signal from a property on Edward Lane last week (Thursday 11 June 2020) and dispatched an armed response officer to investigate. “We use an automatic dispatch system which locates and alerts the closest vehicle to an alarm activation. In this incident, Adriaan Janse van Rensburg was alerted and he arrived at the address within minutes,” says the company’s Garden Route Branch Manager, Pieter Meiring.


The officer inspected the property and discovered that the outhouse building had been broken into, and several items was missing according to the home owner.


“Our officer started with a search of the neighbourhood and soon located several items hidden in bushes. This included items such as a gas cylinder, plastic chairs, a set of golf clubs and two mowers. All the items were returned to its rightful owner,” says Meiring.


He adds that alarm systems should be extended so that all buildings on a property is protected.


“It is important to keep these buildings locked and secured at all times, especially if you store valuable items in these buildings. Keep them safely stored away and protected, in the same way that you would protect any other valuable personal property,” Meiring adds.

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