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Rooftop intruder apprehended in Phoenix

The Phoenix South African Police Service (SAPS) recently took custody of a suspected thief thanks to the rapid response of a local security company.

Just before 10am on the 17th of February, Armed Response Officer (ARO), Hlahlasani Ngema, received an alert from the Community Control Room based at the Fidelity ADT offices after an alarm was triggered at a property in Northbury Avenue. The resident belongs to another private security company who also responded to the alert.

“Our Community Control Room is linked to multiple community WhatsApp groups, giving us the opportunity to support non-customers if necessary. It also enables our operations team to work closely with local Neighbourhood Watches and Community Policing Forums. We use these WhatsApp groups to share crime related information and to act on alerts in case of emergencies,” says Fidelity ADT’s district manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughan Pillay.

Upon arrival, ARO Ngema spoke to the neighbour as the resident was not home at the time. The neighbour advised that the contracted private security company had already checked the premises and had found everything to be in order. Officer Ngema decided to double check to make sure that everything was clear to ensure the complex resident’s safety. On investigating further, ARO Ngema discovered a suspect hiding behind the geyser in the roof.

The suspect was apprehended and handed over to the Phoenix SAPS for arrest.

“This incident illustrates the importance of signing up with a reputable private security company. The security of your loved ones, your belongings and home is something you cannot compromise on. Don’t fall into the trap of taking cheaper options without properly checking service standards, industry accreditation, training, use of technology and armed response times. Remember, security should never be based on price alone. The cheapest option could end up costing you dearly should you not get the help you need in an emergency,” concludes Pillay.

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