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Security Officer comes to pedestrian’s aid

A private security officer has been praised for his quick response and bravery after he recently assisted a pedestrian who was being mugged.


Whilst on evening patrol in Glenwood, Armed Response Officer (ARO), Michael Mtshezi was driving along Umbilo Road when he noticed three men mugging a pedestrian and immediately stopped to assist.


The three suspects spotted ARO Mtshezi and starting running towards him wielding knives. ARO Mtshezi instructed them to stop but the suspects ignored his commands and kept coming towards him. ARO Mtshezi fired two warning shots into the ground and the suspects quickly dropped the stolen items and fled on foot.


“Our officers go through thorough, rigorous training on a continuous basis and are equipped to deal with any kind of emergency,” says Vaughan Pillay, District Manager for Fidelity ADT in KwaZulu-Natal.


ARO Mtshezi returned the stolen bag and cell phone to the victim, who had been stabbed in the right leg and punched in the face. KZN medical response was called to assist the victim and a case was reported to the Umbilo South African Police Service (SAPS).


“I would like to commend ARO Mtshezi for his swift response and bravery. Officers are often the unsung heroes of society and regularly go beyond the call of duty to keep our neighbourhoods safe. I encourage the community to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to their private security company or the local SAPS immediately,” concluded Pillay.

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