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Security officers kept busy with several arrests during lockdown

Local security officers have arrested several suspects in and around Hermanus in recent days, on charges connected to the possession of drugs and suspected stolen items. The town’s CCTV camera network was instrumental in many of the arrests.


“We managed to apprehend four suspects over the past few weeks, in three separate incidents in Westcliff and the Hermanus CBD. Two suspects were found in possession of drugs while the other two had stolen electronic appliances.” says Fidelity ADT’s branch manager for Hermanus, Marius Boshoff.


Two of the incidents involved the CCTV operators who use their camera network to detect anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. In the first incident (on Sunday 10 May) the camera operators noticed a man carrying a large fan in the CBD and dispatched Officer Andile Peter from the Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) team to investigate. The suspect could not provide a plausible explanation around where he got it from, and was apprehended.


In the second incident a few days later the CCTV operators again noticed something suspicious when a group of men were followed by a member of a local neighbourhood watch. HPP Supervisor Juan Havenga was dispatched to investigate and stopped them for questioning. Once detained he did a search and found drugs on the suspects. The SAPS were informed, and the suspects were arrested.


“Our CCTV operators are critical members and resources in the fight against crime within Hermanus. They are involved in numerous apprehensions by raising concerns over something they find suspicious. They are also backed up by our Fidelity ADT armed response team which makes it easier to respond to emergencies,” Boshoff added.


The last suspect was apprehended on the same day by the same HPP supervisor, Juan Havenga who this time received an alert from one of the members of the public about a suspect carrying a television in Canterbury Street. Havenga investigated the matter and was left with no choice but to apprehend the suspect who could not give a valid reason for where he got the item from.


“I would like to congratulate our HPP team for their excellent work this month and for making sure that four more criminals have been placed behind bars. They continue to conduct excellent work in the area – especially now, during the lockdown. We are proud to be associated with them,” Boshoff concluded.

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