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Suspect arrested after assault of elderly resident

Hermanus police have arrested a 16-year-old suspect in connection with an alleged burglary at a home in Voëlklip last week (Tuesday 13 April 2021). The suspect was later connected to another similar incident in the same area.

“The Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) control centre received a call for assistance from Fidelity ADT just before 4pm, requesting backup at an address on 4th Avenue where an elderly resident reported that he had been accosted by an unknown person in his home,” explains Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

HPP is a ratepayer funded initiative in partnership with Fidelity ADT.

“The resident explained that the unknown suspect had pushed him down to the floor and then fled without stealing anything. A description of the suspect was provided to HPP officers who started a search of the immediate vicinity,” says Boshoff.

A short while later, a person was spotted that matched the description.

“Officers saw him standing at a hitch-hiking spot and observed how he turned down a lift from someone that stopped, which further raised their suspicions. They stopped to question him and also searched the bushes close by, which led to the discovery of a bag containing various personal items.”

Boshoff says the bag contained a jacket, laptop, car and home keys, housebreaking implements, and fishing gear.

“On further investigation it was determined that some of the items had earlier been stolen from a home on 9th Street, while other items were earlier stolen from the residence on 4th Avenue. The items were positively identified by their respective legal owners. It was established that the elderly resident was traumatised by what had happened, and did not realise that he too had been robbed by the suspect.

“The suspect was taken into custody by Hermanus SAPS, and he has been charged with theft and assault,” says Boshoff.


Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) is a non-profit company (NPC), established to provide public safety and top-up cleansing services in a geographical designated area of Hermanus, Western Cape. It is funded by the ratepayers through the Overstrand Municipality Special Rating Area By-law and Policy. Visit for more info.

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