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Suspects arrested near Kraal Rock with ‘stolen’ items

Two suspects have been arrested by Hermanus police on a charge that they allegedly stole various items from a home in Voëlklip a few days ago. They were nabbed thanks to an alert security officer attached to the Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) team.

“Andile Peter was on patrol along the coastal cliff path near Kraal Rock when he spotted two unidentified suspects who raised his suspicion. He had seen them in the area before, and they had been linked to previous incidents to which HPP had to respond,” explains Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager at Fidelity ADT. HPP is supported by Fidelity ADT.

“Officer Peter noticed that the suspects had a large bag in their possession which seemed particularly unusual for them, and he decided to stop and question them. He searched the bag and found items of baby clothing, shoes and an iPhone,” says Boshoff.

The suspects claimed that they had been given the items by a home owner in Voëlklip, but this was later confirmed to not be an accurate claim. HPP contacted the home owner, who in fact confirmed the items as stolen.

“Hermanus SAPS was called to come and take the two into custody. Well done to officer Peter for being attentive and for trusting his instinct,” says Boshoff.

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