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Suspects arrested with stolen property in Capri Village

Two suspects were arrested in Capri Village this week, and have been charged with possession of presumed stolen property as well as for breaking lockdown regulations.


“Our Deep South Community Hub received an alert early on Monday morning (4 May around 03h11) about suspicious activity picked up by CCTV cameras in the Capri Village greenbelt. The area’s dedicated response vehicle went to investigate but no sign of any suspects could be found,” says Mr Jade Hanning, Cape Town South district manager at Fidelity ADT.


The Hub received another report later that same morning (at around 05h40), says Hanning, this time of shouting and screaming close to Clipperton Close. “Our dedicated response vehicle was again deployed to investigate, with the backup from other vehicles. Two suspects were located walking towards Kommetjie Road, with a gas bottle and a bag in their possession,” he explains.


The suspects were questioned why they were walking along the road that early in the morning and how they came to have the gas bottle and the bag in their possession. Hanning says they could not provide any plausible explanation for either question.


“Members of the Fish Hoek SAPS soon arrived on the scene, as they were also alerted to the shouts and screams heard earlier. They searched the bag that the suspects had in their possession, and found electrical equipment inside which the suspects could not account for. Both were taken into custody, and they have been charged in accordance with the Disaster Management Act and also for the possession of presumed stolen items,” says Hanning.


“Armed response officers such as ours remain on patrol throughout the lockout and we work closely with the SAPS and Law Enforcement to maintain safety and security. Remote monitoring systems, such as the CCTV cameras in the Deep South, offer us another valuable tool to keep a watchful eye on suburbs. I urge residents of the Deep South to keep the contact numbers for their local security role-players and the SAPS handy and to immediately raise the alarm if any suspicious activity is noticed.”


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