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Suspects nabbed in Mount Road past curfew, with ‘stolen’ copper pipes

Police in Mount Road took two suspects into custody recently after they were intercepted by patrolling armed response officers, while walking through the area.

“One of the controllers at the Community Information Centre (CIC) requested increased visibility by armed response officers around the Mount Road area,” explains Ryan Britz, Port Elizabeth branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

The CIC is based at Fidelity ADT’s offices in Port Elizabeth, and acts as a key coordinating point for any emergency incidents in and around the city.

“One of our armed response officers responded to this request for visible patrols, and encountered an unidentified suspect walking with copper pipes in his possession. This was at around 02h57 in the morning, which meant the suspect was in contravention of the lockdown curfew,” says Britz. 

The suspect was questioned, and he was unable to give any plausible explanation as to how he came to have the copper pipes in his possession.

“Our officer called for backup from a colleague, and this second officer encountered a second suspect in the same area who was also walking with copper pipes.  Both suspects were detained, and handed over into police custody,” says Britz.

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