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Violent mugging leads to arrest in Summerstrand

A suspect was arrested in Summerstrand after he was identified as the culprit involved in a violent mugging which took place in the area.

“One of our armed response officers was patrolling along Beach Road when he noticed an unidentified person in distress. Officer Emile Kleynhans stopped to investigate and discovered that the person had fallen victim to an alleged mugging,” says Ryan Britz, branch manager for Fidelity ADT in Port Elizabeth.

It transpired that a suspect had allegedly stabbed the victim in the neck, before fleeing with his cellphone.

“Our officer immediately called for medical assistance to be dispatched to the address, while he obtained a detailed description of the suspect and the direction in which he fled. This information helped him to locate and apprehend the suspect on the corner of 10th Avenue and Scarborough Street,” says Britz.

The suspect was handed over into the custody of the Humewood SAPS, and he has been charged with attempted murder and theft.

“I would like to salute officer Kleynhans for his swift action and excellent work. The most important factor was that he was able to help the victim and call for an ambulance in time, while he then managed to also catch the perpetrator and return the stolen cell phone.

“Our officers are there to serve the people of Port Elizabeth, and we are proud to have Emile as a member of our team,” says Britz.


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