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Housebound? Keep security top of mind

Many people have had to change their Easter travel plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Crime picks up over Easter so whether staying at home or travelling a short distance to visit family, homeowners must remain vigilant about home security.

Traditionally, criminals take advantage of empty homes and quieter streets over the Easter period. But things will be different this year as families opt to stay home and keep away from crowded places. However, just because you are not going away, and your house is not standing empty does not mean you will not fall victim to crime.

The best defence against burglars, opportunistic thieves or armed robbers is to make your property as unattractive to criminals as possible by implementing extra precautions to keep your belongings safe, inside and outside the home.

4 top staying-home security tips:

1.    Always keep security gates locked  – with the keys removed!

2.    Activate garden beams and/or electric fencing and ensure these are linked to armed response. Garden beams and electric fencing are valuable early warning systems which will alert you to unwanted guests on your property.

3.    Make sure your alarm is working properly in all zones of the home and make use of the zoning to protect areas you are not using.

4.    Get the whole family involved in security. Make sure they know where the panic buttons are, how to use them and who to phone in an emergency.

It is also important to note that with schools closed for an extended period, it is the ideal opportunity to get the kids involved as “superheroes” of your home security.

Consider that your children are probably as scared and confused about Covid-19 as you are. It is not their choice to be home, so try to keep things positive and help them to feel that staying at home is a good thing when it comes to security.

There are many ways to involve children in home security, such as:

1.    Give them each a responsibility – one must check doors, one must check windows, one must arm the alarm at night.

2.    Roleplay emergency scenarios so that everyone knows exactly what they must do should a fire break out, someone come onto the property or there be a medical emergency.

3.    Let them get creative in creating an emergency numbers poster you can stick on the fridge or paint a section of wall with chalk paint and let them create it there.


Ensure your children are security conscious and know who to contact in an emergency. Tightening up small vulnerabilities can amount to a huge relief when it comes to home security. Do not leave anything to chance this Easter.

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