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Roof Robbers Target Brits Businesses

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There has been a spate of business robberies in Brits recently where criminals have been breaking through roofs to get into buildings. Jean-Claude Viljoen, Fidelity ADT Branch Manager, says in many of these incidents, the alarm panel or antenna of the alarm was installed in the roof. “The criminals then break the panel or antenna which prevents alarm signals from reaching the control room,” he explains.

“We urge all business owners and residents in Brits to consider installing outdoor detection devices and perimeter security to reduce the chances of criminals reaching your property and gaining access to the roof.”

Viljoen says outdoor detection beams can be strategically placed around your property which will trigger the alarm before a criminal has the chance to get to the actual building. “Another alternative worth looking at is microwave Passive Infra-Red detectors which are specifically designed for very hot areas – such as a roof. Normal infra-red detectors are not as effective when installed in extremely hot areas,” he says.

He points out that if you are considering a wall-top electric fence, make sure that the right fence is used as well as the right installer. “The effectiveness of these fences can be compromised if the wrong fence is selected and the installation done incorrectly. Choosing the correct installer is crucial and we highly recommend getting several quotes before choosing an installer. You should consider getting a qualified consultant to write a technical specification for the fence. This specification should take into account factors including the wiring and structure of the fence, the height, number of zones required, and the lifespan of the fence. The specification should then be sent to electric fence installers operating in the area in order to compare pricing, quality and advice.”

Viljoen adds the following other perimeter security tips worth taking note of:

  • Gates – make sure that your gate opens and closes as quickly as possible. Also ensure that the motor has a locked box covering it to stop any attempts at tampering.
  • Bushes and trees – make sure that bushes and trees on your property are checked regularly to ensure they are not affecting your perimeter security. Branches should be cut back to prevent blocking or impeding the effective functioning of your perimeter security, or where they may be used to climb into and access your property.
  • Beams – make sure that beams are installed correctly and at the most optimal angle to increase their range and effectiveness. It is also important to make sure that these beams are not obscured by shrubbery, or near reflective surfaces to prevent excessive false alarm activations.

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