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How to secure a home with a pet

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SecurePet - ADT

Our pets are a big part of our lives. We feed them and care for them – but sometimes, they can make things difficult.

This is particularly true when it comes to home security.

To help you cut down false alarms, we’ve put together a quick guide to protecting your home – and your pets.

Protecting your home’s perimeter

There are two ways to protect your home’s perimeter: at the boundary of the property, and at the home itself.

The first generally takes the form of fencing and some sort of access control.

The second has become very popular, and uses beam detection to catch intruders when they approach the home.

Outdoor beams are very effective, both as deterrent and alert, but they can have an unfortunate tendency to produce false alarms. Often these are caused by encroaching plant life, which is easily solved; simply cut back any vegetation.

Unfortunately, pets can also cause problems.

Luckily, outdoor beams are far cleverer than they used to be. Outdoor beams from Fidelity ADT, for instance, are designed to distinguish between moving humans and active pets, thereby cutting down on unnecessary false alarms.

Inside the home

If your pets sleep inside, your problem is slightly different. A pet moving around at night – either through restlessness or simply to get a drink – can set off the passive indoor monitors that are your best defence in the home.

That’s why ADT’s range of alarms can be set to a height that is above your pets. This means that your pets still have freedom of movement, and your home stays safe.


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