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The latest offering in home security from Fidelity ADT is an innovative product that gives the
customer the control they need over their home security – no matter where they are. Whether at
home, at work or on the go, with SecureHome, Fidelity ADT puts the power of security and home
automation at your fingertips through your smartphone making you feel safer and more in control.

“SecureHome enables you to view the status of your home security, quickly arm or disarm your
alarm system, tap into your CCTV feed and receive alerts,” says Stuart Clarkson, Fidelity ADT
Managing Executive. With the evolving security landscape and the drive towards always-on devices
and the Internet of Things, Fidelity ADT is paving the way in merging security with innovative
technology that goes beyond just home security.

Today’s modern consumer not only wants more control of their home security, they want more
control of every aspect of their home. “Identifying this gap in the South African market, we are
proud to announce that we are launching this exciting new offering which takes home automation to
the next level,” says Clarkson.

In the past home automation systems have been complex and expensive products. Fidelity ADT
believes in making high-end technology available to everyone, and has specifically designed the
concept to be modular so that customerscan customise their level of home automation and add
onto the product as their budget and needs change.

“A customer may just want to start by being able to remotely view what’s happening at home, or
arming and disarming their alarm, but later they can include additional features like cooling or
heating their home or opening and closing their blinds. These features not only provide convenience
but also further enhance home security because it creates the illusion that someone is home and
also allows our customer to safely be notified when there is a problem. They can then see for
themselves what that problem is,” continues Clarkson. All signals are still prioritised and managed by
the Fidelity ADT monitoring centre, but the power of knowing is in the hands of the customer.

“This provides greater peace of mind and makes the system useful for every day convenience at an
affordable price,” concludes Clarkson.


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